Michael Herman
Inviting Agility


ost notes page

how to make an open space wiki for conference proceedings...

to run from the www:

  1. go to http://www.usemod.com and download the script for the wiki.
  2. go through simple setup on website
  3. set up computers (5-7 per 100 people)
  4. connect all computers to single phone or faster line via router
  5. log onto web
  6. set all browsers to default to frontpage of wiki
  7. post instructions and template

to run on local machine

  1. setup computers
  2. add apache webserver software to one of them
  3. network all the machines
  4. load script adn config file onto webserver
  5. browse from all the other machines
  6. set frontpage of wiki as default page in browser software on each machine
  7. post instructions and template

other options: