Michael Herman
Inviting Agility


Elevator Speeches - short explanations of OpenSpaceTechnology, as told by practitioners around the world...

Open Space is appropriate in situations where a major issue must be resolved, characterized by high levels of complexity, high levels of diversity (in terms of the people involved), the presence of potential or actual conflict, and with a decision time of yesterday.

Open Space runs on two fundamentals: passion and responsibility. Passion engages the people in the room. Responsibility ensures things get done. A focusing theme or question provides the framework for the event. The art of the question lies in saying just enough to evoke attention, while leaving sufficient open space for the imagination to run wild." -- HarrisonOwen?

1. It's already too late to meet the need.
2. There are many stakeholders that want to be involved.
3. The issue is complex and conflicted, and
4. "You" demand an outcome!

...if you ever are in this situation call me and we'll get it right. Oh! By the way, this can be arranged in a weeks time and there is no cheaper way to get it done! Thanks! -- ElwinGuild?