Michael Herman
Inviting Agility


Writing Invitations to Open Space

This could be a website all to itself... AND writing an invitation for OpenSpaceTechnology meetings is NOT rocket science! Not management or leadership science either. Simply say as much as you know about current conditions and the purpose of the gathering -- and as little as you can about the OST process itself.

Much of the following has been distilled into this [InvitingGuide].

A Little Perspective...

OpenSpaceAsInvitationPractice - Open Space Technology is the skillful and ongoing practice of invitation in organization, not only because an open space event begins when the leader(s) of the organization issue an invitation, but also because of what can happen next, and next, and next... rippling through everything. Also includes some notes on the anatomy of an invitation and serves as introduction to the following...

What Do You Want to Invite?

Some Other Perspectives and Practices

Collected Invitations