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A Sample Script for Opening the Space

This script is something I first distilled from Harrison Owen's OpenSpaceTechnology/UsersGuide (available at any good bookstore). Over the years I've added my own notes. It helps me remember what really needs to be said in the opening of the space, and what really does not. I don't think I've ever opened the space without a copy of this in my back pocket, but that's just me. I HIGHLY recommend getting the OpenSpaceTechnology/UsersGuide and working out your own process. In the meantime, here are my notes...

Sponsor's introduction

Welcome and Introduction

State the theme

A Little History

Descibe the Process - How this is going to work today

The Four Principles

The Law of Two Feet

Veteran Strategies

(some suggestions sometimes offered for shorter spaces, with thanks to OST veteran Giles Hopkins, sometimes I make an extra poster with most appropriate items from this list)

Jumping In


...beneath and beyond the opening briefing

Guiding Metaphors

Guiding Intentions

Answers to every question

Key Questions and Instructions


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