Walked around London yesterday with Helen Payne, an old family friend. Along the way we stopped into Southwark Cathedral, which is the oldest gothic building in the city. Rebuilt in 1212 AD after a fire destroyed much of it. They’ve been using this plot of land for worship since 606 AD! Boggling for a north american mind, coming from a place where 1700’s is old.

Today am starting to wrap some mindspace around SmallChangeNews, wrestling with questions of showing vs. telling, local focus vs. global offering, personal action vs. community action, and wiki vs. blog. Boggle again, but finding a space of mutuality, where we can have and do all of these things.

Elsewhere, Spring seems to be back on again outside, so a few errands out in the sunshine. Fourteen cooking days left for me in the kitchen at Jamyang, but who’s counting? We cook lunch for 100 four days in a row this week, about twice normal maximum capacity. Will order something like $1500 of food tomorrow and then try to find places to store it all. Boggle.

Then home to Chicago to help facilitate the MeshAction finale of MeshForum, all about Networks and Networking. Check it out and join us if you can! No boggle here. Should be a very interesting place to be. And good to be back on home turf, even if briefly.

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