I’m pleased to share the following articles, stories, and resources for the practice of OpenSpaceTechnology (OST) and InvitingLeadership. Please contact me with any questions or comments about these materials, including the CopyRight request regarding reprinting and distribution. Thank you!

Introductions to Open Space Technology

Open Space Executive Summary [pdf] or [html] – good, short, first handout (to clients) for introducing OST (1999)
Working in Open Space: A Guided Tour [.pdf] or [html] – good overview of OST process, options, outcomes (1998)
Opening Space For New Life At Work [.pdf] or [html] – reprinted from ”The Works” magazine (2001)

Books and Guides for Practice

Inviting Leadership in Open Space: A Guide for Training and Practice [.pdf] – my best OST resources, updated (2016)
Open Space Technology: A User’s NON-Guide [.pdf] or [html] – an OST sutra, in 37 voices from all around the world (2002)
Inviting Organization: Evolution is Now and Open Space [.pdf] or [html] – earliest introduction to invitation at work (2001)
Living Peace: the open space of our lives [.pdf] – collection by OST facilitators from around the world, Raffi Aftandelian (editor), Michael Herman (contributor) (2008)

Selected Papers, Stories and Interviews

Youth Action Racine Wisconsin [.pdf] or [html] – a decade of results sprung from 4 hours of OS (1998)
The Inviting Organization Emerges [html] (updated version) – the heart of the Inviting Organization story (1999, updated 2016)
Open Space Technology: Inviting Leadership Practice [.pdf] – interview by Shilpa Jain of Shikshantar, Udaipur, India (2006)
Strategic Conversation: A Case Story [.pdf] – analysis of OST practice in a large global business (1998)
Grandma’s Lullaby [.pdf] or [html] – personal story of leadership and transformation (1998)

Favorite Examples of Conference Documentation

VOSonOS: Virtual Open Space on Open Space [pdf] – the first global remote Open Space practice conference, celebrating 30 years of Open Space practice around the world (2015), hosted at

The Future of Education in Peoria [pdf] – citywide summit, see also PeoriaSchoolsStory (2002)
Illinois Food Security Summit [pdf] – statewide summit convened by Chicago Community Trust (2001)
Entrance to Aspen [pdf] – community summit on reconfiguring the highway into Aspen, Colorado (2007)

RecentChangesCamp (wiki) – software and community development conference (2006 to present), see also OregonianNewspaper and open-frame conference video by Geri Weis-Corbley

The Giving Conference (wiki) – website from philanthropy-finance-community-technology conference (2004)
Leave NO Child INSIDE – Central Ohio Collaborative (blog) – website sprung from summit proceedings (2007 to present)
City of Albuquerque, Greater Central Avenue Initiative (blog) – a website sprung from conference proceedings (2016). ABQ used to capture notes and to for community-based action.