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[The sCNN Weblog] - connecting what we have and do to what we want and need.

The SmallChangeNewsNetwork is the latest incarnation of an idea that started as an off-hand comment that what we really need around this world is a "gBay" in which projects could be posted for donors to bid on them for funding. That idea morphed quickly into the GivingMarket, which is the name that this project travelled under for perhaps two months. In that time it moved quickly. Back to the [Weblog]

Here is how the GivingMarket evolved into the SmallChangeNewsNetwork:

Giving as Conference

Giving as Financial Transaction

Giving as Moving Markets

Giving as Inviting Relationship

...and when we went to build it, a weblog happened: the SmallChangeNewsNetwork

SmallChangeNewsNetwork/InvitingFriendsAndPartners ...finishing the framing so that others can join in the blogging and linking

Individual Contributors

Organizational Links

Comments and Questions

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