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Invitation: BALLE BC Board & Advisory Board Retreat Day

Dear BALLE BC Board Members,

On Saturday, April 2, BALLE BCs Board and Advisory Boards will once again come together to celebrate the work of the past year and help set direction for the years ahead; we want you to be a part of this important conversation and hope you will be able to join your fellow Board members in a facilitated day of imagining the best we can be. Last years event on Bowen Island was deeply inspiring and at the most practical levels, provided the guidance and vision for the work weve done since.

So, in this vital leadership role, we invite you now and on April 2, to consider some of the questions that seem most important to us as an organization right now:

How is BALLE BC uniquely positioned to impact the marketplace to create value?

How can we continue to grow the network?

How can we build capacity for agency of business to act in the local marketplace?

What is our greatest strength and how can we grow more of it?

Other questions? Please bring them with you on April 2.

We are also very aware that from June 2 5 at the International BALLE Conference at UBC, the eyes of the world will be on this region. People from the city, province, Canada and beyond, will be looking for the message of why strong, vibrant local economies are important. We will be sharing real-life stories of business leaders and interest will undoubtedly be raised in the role of BALLE. There will be tremendous momentum built as we invite the world to our party and were asking for your help in preparation. What is the legacy we want to leave? How will we support the energy, ideas and connections that come out of this Conference to build strong resources for our future economy?

Were very grateful to have Chris Corrigan as facilitator for the day. As we get closer, more information will be sent out about how the day will unfold.

Time: 9 am 4:30 pm, facilitated retreat time

             4:30  6 pm, wine and appetizers

Place: The event is being hosted at the home of Jeff Sararas, 5568 Gallagher Place, West Van. Directions: Travelling West/North? on Highway #1, take Exit 4 - Caulfield and turn left at the stop sign. Just ahead is a four-way stop, go straight and wind down Westport Road which takes you down to Marine drive. Straight across is Gallagher Place and the house is up the hill on the left. Best to turn around at the top, come down, and park anywhere along the side of the street.

Please RSVP and on April 2, come prepared to build a shared understanding of BALLE's role and willing to leave with a clear idea of how you wish to steward your part of that picture.

Many thanks for your ongoing commitment to Local Living Economies!


Penny Scott

Executive Director



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