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ONE.ONE: January 10, 2003 - notes from first meeting and follow-up activities (in progress)

Issue: what if...

Convener: BlissBrowne?

Participants: BethRosenthal?, MichaelHerman?

MH 3/25/03 -- see WagingPeace and TheGreatWork topics, perspectives on current needs

MH 3/25/03 -- this from anne stadler in response to a question about music at open space events. she is one of the founders of http://www.spiritedwork.org community in seattle...

We have music all the time at Spirited Work (a continuing open space learning community). AND it arises spontaneously: in the marketplace, in the closing or opening circle, in our evenings--as does art work, movement, and other expressions of our many forms of intelligence.

We use the "less is more" principle: NO regular ritual except for opening meditation and the usual Open Space circles and marketplace. AND we encourage people to bring their gifts, including musical instruments, and share them.

Also, as Convenors we encourage everyone to DO the practice of opening space so that if anyone is bothered or the space gets closed by someone who just wants the whole group for an audience, we mindfully "tell the truth without blame of judgment" either directly to that person, or in the whole circle. The field seems to organize around loving reminders to "keep it simple, less is more". It seems to work.

MH 1/25/03 -- See RealNewsFromInsideIraq and [oxford research project] ...has me wondering this morning if the quarterlies we've discussed need to be more explicitly connected to action in the world.

imagining a youth news service... NEW VIEW ...real news, fresh views, you can use, for personal and planetary well-being. young people pushing news to major news outlets, news like the stuff coming out of oxford research group.

imagining EAT PEACE a regular potluck/openspace evening gathering where real folks gather with news like the RealNewsFromInsideIraq reports and work to grow the infrastructure and flow of information to local media, govt, schools, email list. not so different from existing activist groups, i suppose, except that the whole thing would run in ongoing potluck/openspace... springing from the notion that eating is a political act... and all the other little ways we all have real power.

Should we start planning the kick off of our Conversation and Connection gala? I suggest we each start compiling our dream /ListOfInvitees?! BR 1/15/03

Conversations and Connection

We are inviting leaders to come together, we are providing the space, and we will facilitate operations until they become self-sustaining.

The people we are inviting are leaders – people who have strong desires to be positive forces for change in the world and have the ability to inspire others to be the same.

We are providing a space that is safe, and where people feel welcomed and appreciated. Participants will be able to tell their stories – who they are, what they’re up to, what they need, and whatever else they want to share. We will listen to each other and for possibility within the conversations.

Sometimes we place limitations on ourselves and our ideas that are invisible to us. By having these conversations we provide each other with the opportunity for becoming aware of any limitations we have put on ourselves and imagine the possibilities that exist beyond them. The conversations we share will help each person continually clarify who they are and what they’re up to, as well as what they need to get there.

The conversations will allow for the connections between people and resources. Needs may be identified through having these conversations, and then participants can share ideas, resources, and their connections to people leading to the fulfillment of these needs, and the accomplishment of quite inspiring and inspired actions in the world! This will all happen organically. Our networks will naturally expand as we come to know and appreciate each other and build on each others’ links and resources.

Everyone wins because it feels so good to dream big, harness the energy of a group of committed people, and effect positive change in the world.

initial wanderings:

initial forms:

emerging questions:

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