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Community Building is Inviting Gifts, Care, Connection

...that which cannot be produced, delivered, manufactured, mandated or legislated by any industrial, governmental, or educational "system"

The following notes come from a 3-day training with John McKnight? and Henry Moore in July, 2003. Most of this is from their stories and handouts. A bit of it is stuff that got stuck to their material on its way through my brain.

some articles posted to the ABCD listserve... (a classic story of demedicalizing health) (an amazing story -- what happens a hospital actually listens)

Regenerating Community: The Recovery of a Space for Citizens, by John L. McKnight?, Distinguished Public Policy Lecture, Institute for Policy Research (2003) (hit to download the pdf) (a nice summary of ABCD)

workshop notes and handouts info

(some lingering issues at bottom)

ABCD Characteristics

ABCD Process

Where to Look for Assets

What to Ask to Find Assets

Identifying and Connecting Associations

Identifying and Connecting Institutions

Unrecognized Power of Associations

Skills Needed to Connect Assets

Community Building Model

Social Services (also Industrial Production) Model

ABCD Mapping

Types of Asset Mapping

Community capacity inventories, questions to ask before you start

what does it look like when it really works? ...but see questions etc. at top of page

lingering issues and questions and conclusions...

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