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saturday, may 3, 2003 ••• bigger than blog

been what, six days or something. maybe only five. life has been bigger than blog. been unplugged and boppin' around town with penny scott, in from vancouver. BowenIslandNews? meets GlobalChicagoNET?. woohoo. and then there is dave beam's PrayerBeforeSurgery? and dalai lama's bit in the nytimes about the MonkInTheLab. somehow these things go together. and also each one big enough to demand their own wiki page. bigger than blog, they are. tonight penny and i have dinner with guerra and his family, of ThisIsWhatPeaceLooksLike? fame. BowenIslandNews? and GlobalChicagoNET? meet http://www.sharecircle.org. Guerra's angola development work meets Penny's burundi business interests. global island family table dinner, thank you.

elsewhere, ChrisCorrigan? notes that this "blog" page is missing the 'permalinks' found in standard blogs, the little anchors that let others, especially other bloggers, quote from and link to the postings in a blog. makes it possible to link to a specific entry, rather than the whole page. he says bloggers like to link back and forth and comment on each other's listings. i thought i could rig such links here, and i can. but it's cumbersome. besides, wiki is more fluid and open than individual blogs. nothing perma here, links or otherwise. so the thing to do is make your comments right here with mine... and then send the page link to your friends. ask them to join in too. right here. in ALL of it. perma bah.

monday, april 28, 2003 ••• oasis

yesterday was another, still all too rare this year, day of 70 degrees and sunshine. the sidewalk along lake michigan and north avenue beach was teeming with bikes, roller blades, little kids, bikinis, runners and lots of others just watching it all. all of this happens in a narrow little zone not more than 20 feet wide, stretching up and down the lake for miles, occassionally spilling into bigger puddles like major interestate highways. along the mile from north avenue to fullerton, though, one can take one step down off the sidewalk and into a whole other world. all the sidewalk people can still be seen and heard, so too the traffic and noise of lakeshore drive, just beyond the sidewalk. and still, as i discovered yesterday, once on the beach, attention is almost totally consumed by the look and feel and sound of the beach. hot, sandy, quiet. the rest just melted into the background, pushed to the edges by this new open space of beach. i walked about a mile north on the hot sand, separate from the sidewalk folks, encountering a few beach blanket people along the way, feeling more like wilderness than metropolis. breathing with my feet. at fullerton i put my sandals back on and took the busy sidewalk home to make dinner for a friend. from the sidewalk, the beach all but disappeared. but i know where it lives, and i will be back.

april 25, 2003 ••• localization and control

last night at a chicago grad school of business program, author rick kaish mentioned a recent conversation with US treasury secretary snow. when kaish asked snow how the US economy was going to bounce back, snow is said to have replied something like, "we don't know, but it is going to bounce back." kaish had been fishing for the 24-point plan, some sense of reassurance that somebody was in control. and sure enough, even at the US treasury, it's all open space. the old economy is over and the new one hasn't started yet. kaish's answer: everybody's got to do their own part to get their own piece of the ecomony moving... find real demand, meet it, and keep moving. sounds like passion and responsibility and two feet to me! (see OpenSpaceTechnology)

kaish was in town talking about his book "the new law of demand and supply" in which he makes the case for demand-driven business, finding the most profitable customers' real needs and demands and going all out to supply those, rather than old supply-side approach of making more of what sold well last year and then going looking for buyers. he emphasizes a sort of deep segmentation and high agility that looks to me like a business version of "localization" -- seeing and responding to smaller and smaller groups of people -- which seems a fitting balance, essential even, to balance our simultaneous move toward "globalization."

of course, i may be predisposed to seeing such meaning as i've been working on this space called "GlobalChicagoNET?" for some 5 years now. <grin>

april 24, 2003 (well it's almost midnight here now) ••• happy birthday!

happy birthday to my dad today! woohoo! it's natal day, dad!

thanks to penny for that last observation. and yes, yes. just the beginning of the differences! thanks too, to ChrisCorrigan? for pointing out that blogs are supposed to go upwards... or what some of us would call backwards in time.

having gone without sugar for long stretches, without any sweeteners other than 100% pure apple juice, raisins, carrots, etc., i can say that the first time it takes (or took for me) much longer than two weeks. the cravings would come and go like waves. over time, i separated them from other cravings that tended to get mixed into, or at least easily treated with sugar. also find that it doesn't take much of a return to sugar to renew the craving and require the two weeks journey all over again.

april 23, 2003 ••• sugar, politics, love and desire

from http://www.utne.com

Sugar Industry Asks U.S. to Cut W.H.O. Funding After Negative Report —By Erin Ferdinand, Utne.com

April 2003 Issue

The U.S. sugar industry is lobbying the Bush administration to cut its funding of the World Health Organization after a recent W.H.O. report warned consumers to cut their sugar intake.

The Sugar Association, along with six other food industry groups, has requested that Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson "use his influence to get the W.H.O. report withdrawn" before its planned release tomorrow, reports Sarah Boseley in the London-based Guardian. And in a letter to W.H.O. Director General Gro Harlem Brundtland, industry officials threatened to challenge the organization’s $406 million funding from the U.S., declaring that America’s tax dollars should not be utilized "to support misguided, non-science-based reports which do not add to the health and well-being of Americans, much less the rest of the world." The correspondence illustrated the industry’s resolve to "promote and encourage new laws" that will limit future W.H.O. funding to reports "supported by the preponderance of science."

The report advises that "sugar should account for no more that 10 percent of a healthy diet," a view industry executives say is "scientfically flawed." They insist that one-quarter of a healthy diet can "safely consist of sugar." The W.H.O. figure is based on the recommendations of international nutritional experts. Sugar industry statistics are supported by research from International Life Sciences Institute, an organization founded by Coca-Cola, Pepsi, General Foods, Kraft, and Procter & Gamble...

read any labels lately? sugar is in cakes and candies and sodas, yes. but did you know it's in canned beans, cigarettes, tomato paste, and SALT? check that morton's label. dextrose. added to salt. why on earth?

real science has shown the correlation between the sugar levels in cigarettes and the lung cancer rates in different countries. hmmm. the sweet stuff's been linked to other kinds of cancer, too. mental illness too. interesting also to note that the rise of sugar consumption parallels not only the rise of disease, but also the rise of the industrial, command-and-control, grind-it-out-on-the-night-shift, people as raw material, assembly-line organizational models. sugar drove the slave trade years ago and still drives our punishing ourselves in organization models that give us little time to rest.

we know what it does to kids and we think it doesn't affect us grownups? the highs and lows? then why do we eat it? start with the connections we've made to love... sweetie, honey, sugar, cupcake... roses and chocolates... in the midst of a days-long fasting routine here, am all to aware that yearning for sugar has the same shape-of-mind as yearning for love and company. the more we work, the less we love, the more we need that sugar hit. consider that raw sugar is processed into white sugar in as many steps as poppies into heroin. is sugar addictive? try to quit. notice what happens in your body. and what happens in your cirlce of friends. ...and we call hundreds or perhaps now thousands of SARS cases an epidemic. what do we call sugar addiction? yikes!

rx: my naturopathic doctor said that if a person didn't eat sugar for two weeks, the body would lose it's physical craving. seems to work.

...and then, that's probably just the beginning of the differences between love and sugar! p

april 20th, 2003 ••• wikis and blogs

and so it began. chris and i traded the above bit the other day, after months of my developing wikis and his developing a bunch of blogs. (http://www.chriscorrigan.com/parkinglot). i notice more and more folks creating blogs, even former senator (and future presidential candidate?) gary hart. wikis are trickier. but then again, making a community is different and a bit tricker, it seems, than making a body.

once upon a time, the GlobalChicagoNET? hosted a little space called Michael's Open Notebook. in many ways that notebook got quite focused on OpenSpaceTechnology and turned into articles and book-like things that now fill out a bunch of this site. as that stuff is stabilizing, it seems right to return to more of a journal. even more of a journal than is the MichaelsOpenNotebook?.

this space is an experiment with that sort of thing. a thing, as i say, that many are doing in and as 'blogs.' maybe i will fully cave into chris' enthusiasm and embed a blog in the wiki here. but for now, the experiment is in the writing, not the creation of yet another online structure. besides, i still like the edit-ability and flexibility of wiki. i guess i'm still working on humility and surrender. <grin>

april 18, 2003 ••• in the beginning...

 Subject: RE: Small world
 Date:    Fri, 18 Apr 2003 14:09:58 -0700
 From:    ChrisCorrigan? <chris@chriscorrigan.com>
 To:      MichaelHerman? <mherman@globalchicago.net>

 MichaelHerman? wrote:

 >  gotta admit, there is something most comforting and inviting
 >  about the flow of time aspect of one entry after the other
 >  on a blog.  it seems to invite a different kind of humility
 >  or surrender to the march of time... something that wikis
 >  transcend or avoid.  makes me think blog:wiki is
 >  individual:community is cell:body  and electron:cloud.

 That's a nice observation.  I agree.

...and so it began.

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