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The Bowen Island (just off the Canadian West Coast near Vancouver) training and practice workshop was held December 12-13, 2002 at Ashoka House, a beautiful and comfortable meditation and seminar space in a cold, rainy wood. Something just more than a dozen people gathered from near and far, to enter Open Space.

Here are the topics that were posted on the two days of the workshop... some of their notes may be posted as well, as the beginning of the story that hopes to become an ongoing practice community based in the great Canadian Southwest....

If you are a participant in the workshop, just click the question mark after your topic and type or paste your notes from your session into the box on the next page. When you save your notes, you will have created a new wiki page, accessible from this one. Yeah! ...and thank you!

Day One - The future of leadership and organization: issues and opportunities for transformation

Day Two - Leading and Organizing our futures: issues and opportunities for invitation

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