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WORKING NOTES on Prospective Center Essentials

The CenterForCorporateCompassion supports mutuality, alignment, and personal/professional presence as central practices and the ground from which compassion, love, joy, and confidence spring naturally and automatically. The Center survives as a flow of contacts, funds and observations offered by those we meet. Center seeks to sit on park benches, catalyze conversations, and cultivate social change inside of corporate and community organizations, especially in the USA but also around the world. Center is structured as a project of another non-profit. (perhaps Beyond Borders offers the chance to support work within "apparently rich" corporate communities in the same form that it supports work in "apparently poor" communities in haiti and elsewhere. ) The Center offers web hosting space, coaching attention, facilitative consultation, practice workshops, community conferences, and an ongoing stream of international news via weblog and wiki website postings. Center Resources are available to individuals, corporations and communities worldwide.

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