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"Well, it's great to do a neighborhood concert." --Paul Simon, the concert in Central Park

having been all around the world it's great to be home with so many good folks and practitioners of open space technology. the chicago training and practice workshop ran january 30-31, 2003. we were a group of old and new friends, from six (mostly midwestern) states, with tremendous experience in all kinds of organizations. we brought a wide range of experience with open space technology as well -- some lots and some little -- but everyone has some real experience in the open space we live in. the richness and wisdom of this group was obvious in the opening circle of hello's -- and then it just got better! we opened the space twice during our two days of learning and contribution. our topics and some of our session notes are posted below. in most cases, the session notes are quick summaries digested into single poster-size gallery pages. --MichaelHerman

...see also /WhosWho | OpenSpaceTechnology (resources) | HowToUseWiki (help) | GlobalChicago?

day one: whoa! transformation in progress

  1. HowToFindTheMystics
  2. How to tap the spirit of CulturalCreatives to help change organizations
  3. InvingInAndUnleashingOfCommunity
  4. How can the ChurchBeInButNotOf the world?
  5. How can DeliverablesBeGuaranteed? thru invitation?
  6. BringingEveryoneAlong
  7. AfterConversationsPrioritize time, energy, talent, resources
  8. PatternsThatBlockAccess to passion and responsibility
  9. UsingAwareness to build skill and skill to raise awareness
  10. HomelessPeople? plus do things for others equals???? hope
  11. How do/can we MaintainAndActOnInspiration??
  12. PedagogyAndOpenSpace?
  13. How to PrepareSponsorsToTransform?

day two: where? invitations in progress

  1. when is it NotOST?
  2. Nuts and bolts questions
  3. living in open space - the ZenOfOpenSpace
  4. BeyondDayOne?
  5. HowToWriteTitleAndInvitation
  6. MidwestOpenSpace/OSonOS? event planning
  7. WarAndOrCivilization?
  8. SimpleWaysToDrawPosters?
  9. UsingOSTforVisioning
  10. InvitingAndEngagingCommunities?
  11. InvitingAndRespectingDifferentPerspectives
  12. OrganizingAndOrganization - board, governance, founding, formation in open space

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