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visit MidwestOpenSpace? for details about the upcoming Open Space on Open Space practitioners gathering in Milwaukee, WI... May 30-31, 2003

this from PennyLundquist at Golden Apple Foundation, who ran this event just a week or so after our workshop together. wonderful indeed.

I have wonderful news to report that, of course, will be no surprise to you. Our Open Space meeting was a smashing success and everyone left wanting to meet like this again. In the closing circle, to a person, Fellows expressed delight in the day, some saying this was the best meeting of the Academy, they had ever attended. I was very well prepared to facilitate after the Chicago Workshop and even though I had thought to play a more background role with our chair actually facilitating the meeting, he quickly turned it over to me and I was in the center of the circle explaining our theme and the law of two feet and bumble bees and butterflies etc.

At one point in the closing, one of the Fellows said, "Dan would be proud of us." She was referring to Dan Creely, who has for many years facilitated a team building, experiential education session with each new class of Fellows and for the last several a fire circle as well. That was the highest tribute I could have had for this process, because the Fellows have such high admiration for Dan.

Michael, thanks to your excellent skills and the great workshop you conduct, our Academy is embarking on a much better course. There was so much love in that room, so much happiness at being together and getting to really talk with each other. A hunger for connection was met that has existed unfulfilled for some time. And as we get smoother, more adept at opening space, it can only get better.

This note is also to thank Cheryl Chapman who several years ago suggested that Mark and I meet you to talk about Open Space, something I had only recently read about in a business magazine and was curious to know more about. Cheryl did a good thing bringing us together. Open Space is life changing. And this is only the beginning.

Thank you for helping to create such a wonderful, helpful, easy to follow process and for sharing it with others.


BTW, You'll be happy to know that several Fellows said they were going to use Open Space with their students, so, as Dan would point out, the ripple effect has already started.

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