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Community Summits Series (draft framework/template)

  1. Who = All. How to invite them? (effectively, actively, consciously, explicitly)
  2. Vibrant Sustainable Prosperity (for All) Together - define the experience: what is this place and what should it be? Environmental context: climate, geog, geology, demo, regulatory, history, political, culture, economy and how that emerged/emerges as built environment? How does built environment shape local experience?
  3. Built Environment - issues and opps for shaping and reshaping for vibrant sustainable prosperity for all. what are the rules and what should they be? what are the possibilities/potentials and how to realize? consider... zoning and other rules (e.g. funding) for open space (land/sky/waterways), mixed use, residential, commercial, infrastructure, art, others.
  4. Mine and sort proceedings => populate matrix/canvas
  1. Charter and connect teams around specific projects/purposes, establish canvas/cadence/practices
  2. Optional: convert canvas to kanban with swimlanes

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