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Creating Space for the Sacred in the Busyness Participants: Jan, Joelle, Val, Danelle and Rick

What does sacred mean to me - the earth is sacred, all life is sacred, therefore I am sacred.

The Work Environment: - First Nations smudging the office every morning - Posters/photos on the wall of special events/places to remember shared experiences - The candy jar - Making a welcoming space - Dealing with impact of personal stress at work by opening space for compassion - Taking leadership by noticing opportunities to create space for people to be together in a real way, bring more of themselves into the workplace

Group Events - Grounding exercise being fully in your body, pulling your energy back, breathing, a series of conscious acts to help become fully present - Using the check-in to invite sharing; giving silence before a person speaks to allow collection of thoughts; time out to discuss difficult situations; as facilitator slowing things down to allow space for thought - Influence of Elders in First Nations gathering by the words of their opening prayer - Elders have power to stop gathering and call healing circle at any time - Starting with an invocation connects us with the greater whole, creates awareness of the connection to our ancestors, our role as stewards in this lifetime, our connection to future generations - Inviting people to speak in their first language and provide interpretation if needed - Eat together

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