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from Crossroads Center, right after 911


ON TUESDAY MORNING, the world was changed forever, in ways that the whole world is struggling to understand. a farmer's wife stands sobbing at the newstand outside frankfurt. a croatian mother stays up all night in australia watching news reports from new york. thirty-eight international flights land in gander, newfoundland in canada where locals scramble for cots and baby formula. kmart announces that it will no longer sell guns or ammunition. the governor of texas grants a 30-day stay of execution.

AROUND THE WORLD, there is shock and also the recognition that this terrible event it not separate from any of us. were you on the phone with the world trade center? do you have a financial stake in what world markets do in the next weeks? do you know fear and anger and uncertainty in your life? and do you still long for love and compassion? can you taste in this collapse of humanity the beginnings of new love and compassion in the world?

WILL YOU JOIN US in constructive, compassionate, community conversation about all that has happened and all that must be? we are gathering now in three places...

EMAIL LIST: post your reflections and ideas, prayers and proposals, to an expanding list of people working to support and encourage new ways of working and being in the world. send an email to this address to: worldwork-subscribe@yahoogroups.com OR visit this webpage: [URL=____] to join this group.

BULLETIN BOARD: read reflections and reactions from around the world, and post your own reflections, about what has happened and what we are all now called to do and be... [URL=____]

COMMUNITY GATHERING: join us on Friday, September 14, 2001, from 12:00 until 5:00pm, at 711 west monroe street in chicago, for community conversation, to make sense of what has happened and to begin to discover what our work must be next, and now. for more info, email to ____@crossroads-center.org or call melissa at 312-798-2305.

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