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Convener: Terry Davis

Participants: Maria Ort, Juan Luna, Gretta Krane, Nick Head and Mary Ortega-Itsell

-Crumbling process pushes comfort level of control -People may be comfortable with crumbling into place with certain parts of life, but not with every aspect of their life.

  "Crumbling into Space"
-Chaos is predictable - there will always be some element of chaos even if we keep planning for it.
  Does it ever happen perfectly?  Do we really want it to?
-The processs of "crumbling into place" is not crumbling into chaos - planning is essential, but we need to know when to Let Go and be willing to Let Go. -Fear keeps us from letting go. Fear keeps us thinking we want control.
  Creates resistance to facing real issues
  Holds people back from growing
-There is growth in crumbling -Trust is needed- it WILL workout
  Trust in outcomes
  Trust in others
-Curve of Mastery
  Growth upward
  Slight dip - release, letting go
  Plateau - feels like nothing happening, but necessary to get to next level.

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