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Issue: How to tap the spirit of the "cultural creatives" to help change organizations. Convener: Penny Participants: Susan, Kim, Pat, Sari, Dave, Joan, Gretchen

Summary: There are people who live in the existing paradigm and those who donít. Many of the latter are "cultural creatives," individuals charting a new course. How can you hold all of the people, C.C.s and others? Not exclude? How can you tap into the greatest economic resource (corporate enterprise), capture their passion for these new ways and create more cultural creatives?

C.C.s are often valued though are not generally leaders within big business.

Find for each person the best avenue for their leadership.

Create a balance between raising awareness or consciousness and building skill, creating a self-sustaining pattern, building richer shared meaning, richer skills.

Teach people how to have conversations. Open space internally and externally, consciously managing polarities.

Plant seeds to eventually create a critical mass.

Prepare C.C.s with organizational survival skills, how to deal with the nature of their organization, and help them apply the law of 2 feet when necessary.

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