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22 August 2002; afternoon Singapore: Orchid Country Club

ISSUES (2 groups merged):

  1. Using OST for day-to-day ("D2D") management (v. more traditional methods)
  2. Using OST for managing change, and change management initiatives

CONVENERS: John (D2D management); Geri (change management)

PARTICIPANTS: Janice, SK, John, Sandra, Lai Kuan, Ah Kin, Andrew, Winnie, Bee Sin, Shoba, Wee Pin, Hong Li, Karen, Paolina, Edgar, Geri, Lee Lian, Alyssa

  1. OST may be a powerful tool for removing hurdles to moving forward.
  2. Management must be interested & responsible for action on what they learn in OS.
  3. Defeat NATO.
  4. Discover, recognize & use differences for change success.
  5. Large scale engagement/event - own agenda.
  6. Clarify needs through OST (display individual styles of dealing with change).
  7. Don't use OST for funding decisions.
  8. Clarify WIIFM for all involved; spell out the value proposition(s) for all.
  9. "Bite" the bullet.
  10. Identify champion(s).
  11. Day-to-day: control/structure.
  12. OST: "freedom."
  13. Acknowledge threat of OST to existing hierarchy.
  14. How bit of OST for change.
  15. Info-sharing without boundaries.
  16. Empower front-line to be (e) key folks.
  17. Flip organization upside down (ownership needs to be defined).
  18. Culture of empowerment (flatten hierarchy?).

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