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This invitation was much nicer than what you see here, graphics, text boxes, two-sided page layout folded into little brochure piece. So use your imagination... and here is what it actually said:

click here for what happened at/after the FairbanksPeacemakersConferenceAndPracticeWorkshop

Becoming A Peacemaker Conference and Open Space Facilitation Practice Workshop

Sponsored By FNSB School District and the Alaska Dispute Settlement Association

The Fairbanks North Star Borough School District and Alaska Dispute Settlement Association are co-sponsoring a conference for peacemakers in Alaska.

Peacemaking can mean many things.

Some peacemakers focus on issues that must be resolved before reaching a lasting peace.

Some peacemakers focus on processes that help foster peace. Any process that is voluntary and helps people understand each other can be a peacemaking process.

Some peacemakers focus on their own inner peace as a means of contributing to peace in the world.

Some peacemakers integrate these three ways of peacemaking and create new understandings that inspire us all.

What does peacemaking mean to you?

Our goal is to provide an opportunity for youth and adult peacemakers to network, share ideas, and build peacemaking skills.

You’re invited. We hope you’ll join us.

Becoming A Peacemaker Conference

 April 18 – 19, 2002     9:00 am – 3:30 pm
 Thursday & Friday
 Alaskaland Civic Center

The conference is for anyone interested in becoming a peacemaker, as well as those searching for peaceable ways to resolve specific kinds of conflicts. Any issue or opportunity that you see as important to peace and peacemaking in families, schools, communities, and cultures will be fair game for discussion. Be prepared to raise your own most important questions and to be surprised by the open agenda and specific responses we create together.

Open Space Practice Workshop

 April 20 – 21, 2002      9:00 am – 3:30 pm
 Saturday & Sunday
 Alaskaland Civic Center

The workshop is for anyone looking for ways to invite passion and responsibility into groups of people. Open Space Technology has been used in classrooms, boardrooms, and public processes throughout the world. Teachers, business people, community members, youth, facilitators, and government employees responsible for public processes are encouraged to attend. The learning here will help you expand the work of the Becoming A Peacemaker Conference and deepen your understanding of this unique and inspiring group process.

About the Conference and Workshop

The conference will be held using a process called Open Space Technology (OST). OST is itself a peacemaking process that supports learning and deep understanding within groups of people.

The workshop will provide opportunities for participants to learn how to use OST in classrooms, workplaces, and community forums to address all kinds of issues.

Three leading Open Space practitioners will facilitate the conference and workshop. They are:

Chris Corrigan, Bowen Island, BC works primarily with First Nations and Aboriginal organizations in Canada. He uses OST as his preferred method of facilitating community and organizational development. See http://www.chriscorrigan.com

Michael Herman, Chicago, IL facilitates OST meetings for youth, community and corporate groups, leads OST training programs, and maintains two websites: http://michaelherman.com & http://www.openspaceworld.org

Judi Richardson, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia specializes in facilitation process and design, organizational development, and peace education. She is a learning facilitator and mediator with the League of Peaceful Schools (grades 4 - 12), where she teaches peer mediation. Her website is located at http://www.ponoconsultants.com

last panel had little registration form with logistical and payment info.

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