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Seamus McInerney? wrote:

Hi All,

Excuse my exuberance but today I facilitated my first OS. To finally get a chance to do the biz was great. It is exactly one year to the day since Michael Herman was in Ireland for the first OS practice workshop. Wowed by that experience I waited and waited for an opportunity and today I got it.

Martin Gianini, who had organised the workshop last year, had to pull out of this event at the last minute (he shipped off to Africa on Sunday). So with 8 days notice, he offered it to me. I grabbed it. Not exactly the most polished performance you have ever seen but it worked. There were 160 expected and 120 turned up. They new exactly what they wanted to talk about and 16 topics were posted initially, with 2 more added in the afternoon. The group were all care workers, working with young teenage parents or volunteers working with parenting groups.

Expect the unexpected! Well I am walking the circle and suddenly see my sister-in-law sitting in the front row.

Just as I declare the Village market place open, the fire alarm goes off. Everybody stands up to head for the exits. It stops but before they can sit down again I remind them they were going to the wall. People were heard to ask how I managed to get the bell to ring at just that moment.

But it worked as everyone on this list has always said it would. And we have a whole bunch of new devotees to open space here in Ireland.

Thank you all for the advice and support given through the list over the last year, which enabled me to accept this challenge with total faith in the outcome.

Now I need to go to bed because I got very little sleep last night.


Crossroads Facilitation
50 Carrigdhoun, Waterpark, Carrigaline, Co. Cork
"Building bridges and getting you over them"


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