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First-Ever Illinois Food Security Summit, November 2001

the Summit Invitation Letter went out on foundation letterhead:

September 21, 2001

You are invited to join the Chicago Community Trust, Heifer Project International Midwest, the Illinois Hunger Coalition, the Driehaus Foundation, and the Illinois Food Security Summit Steering Committee at the first ever Illinois Food Security Summit November 1 to November 3 at Pheasant Run Resort, St. Charles, Illinois. The sponsors will cover all program costs, including room and board. This is an invitation only event sent to a very limited number of people with a limit of 200 attendees.

This is the beginning of a new day for food security for Illinois. The Summit is an open effort to bring together representatives of all the sectors in Illinois concerned with food security issues. The Summitís goal is to create an agenda for action among the many sectors involved with the distribution of food to our low and moderate-income residents. A second Summit goal is to give an opportunity to many people to work together for the first time for the good of all. We believe that with an open gathering of so many good people from so many good agencies, with no pre-determined outcome in mind, that important actions to help feed the many in Illinois can be and will be taken as a result of this Summit.

The Summit Steering Committee, listed on the attached page, has chosen to use an Open Space Facilitation model for the program to insure that all the most important issues are raised, addressed, documented, prioritized, and moved into action. Our Facilitator, MichaelHerman, is an internationally recognized leader in the practice of Open Space Technology (OST), a form of meeting facilitation which encourages the issues and agenda to emerge from the group.

The program will begin on Thursday, November 1 at 9 AM and end no later than 12 noon on Saturday November 3. As you will see from the attached registration form the Summit Steering Committee has developed an environment, which we believe, is most conducive to the hard but fruitful work we think will take place at the Summit. All program expenses will be covered by the Chicago Community Trust and the Richard A. Driehaus Foundation including room, board, childcare, entertainment, and, if needed, transportation. Full day childcare will be provided just steps away from the main meeting room by licensed childcare providers

We know that a two and a half day program is a long commitment for you. So the Steering Committee is offering a number of incentives to encourage your participation throughout the program. Thursday evening will feature a special Harvest Dinner featuring all Illinois grown food and entertainment. Friday evening will include a private dinner theater performance of the recent Broadway hit Jekall and Hyde at the Pheasant Dinner Theater. Spouses, partners, and others are invited to participate on Friday evening.

Saturday morning, November 3 is particularly important to this effort. We will spend time digesting and prioritizing our work from Thursday and Friday, in order to frame key projects and identify next steps. We will close the program by 12 noon, at the latest, on Saturday, November 3. Lunch will be available for those who wish to stay on. Pheasant Run will have a limited number of rooms available for a Saturday night stay- over at your own expense.

We are working on a tighter schedule than originally planned as a result of the tragic events of September 11th in New York and Washington. We have to ask you, if at all possible, to RSVP, by telephone, e-mail, or fax by October 1st. Please return the attached form to Linda Reasons by fax... or call Linda... or by e-mail to...

We are looking forward to hearing from you very soon, and seeing you on November 1 in St. Charles.

For the Steering Committee...

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