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Issue: How can we proliferate use of OST in Singapore / Asia?

Convenor: Prabu Naidu

Members: Winnie Quek, Manju, Choon Seng, Ah Kim, Karen, Lai Kuan, PatrickLambe, Andrew, Justus, Sin Jin, Wendy, Michael, John Rapp

What we could do:

  1. Rope in the Government
  2. Organise annual gatherings, regular forums, practice sessions & more of these 2-day runs
  3. Put out newsletter – see other OST websites
  4. Form a Community of Practice (COP)…what is the next step to form a COP… Use a Yahoo Group…needs to be perfected with usage – no forcing down!
  5. Invite members of COP as observers in OST workshops & have them feedback to you how you facilitated the session
  6. Use / introduce to schools
  7. Introduce OST to business groups
  8. Leverage on existing institutions – eg: as an SIM Interest group; Regional Libraries
  9. Use OS for ‘hot public issues’
  10. Bring OS experiences back to COP
  11. Create a website with a ‘campfire’ and pictures of members around it – linked to their OS stories

What we must avoid: Structure and formalization – committee, licensing, code of ethics, facilitation fees & rates, etc


  1. Set up Yahoo discussion group to initiate the Community of Practice (COP)
  2. Let the COP evolve and see what happens
  3. Organize a face to face session again

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