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Subject:"I WANT YOU!"

I WANT YOU! - to be proud of our past. I most certainly am. The __________ team has created a rich tradition of excellence through many successes over the years. The combination of proven performance, exceptional quality, and innovative solutions is our hallmark.

I WANT YOU! - to help define that future. The technology and competitive landscapes are constantly changing, providing many opportunities for us. It is important to understand what the future holds, but as a well-known CEO of a multi-billion dollar global corporation once said, "The best way to predict the future is to invent it". This is our chance to not only do that, but to do it together.

I WANT YOU! - to challenge the status quo. There are ways to improve what we currently do: to do the right things, and to do them better, smarter, faster, cheaper. There are ways to help make our customers even more successful. There are also some things we should start doing, and others that we may be smart to stop doing altogether.

I WANT YOU! - to share YOUR ideas in all areas. YOU are close to the issues. YOU are close to the problems. And most importantly, because of this closeness, YOU are the best source for the solutions!

I WANT YOU! - to know how much we value your unique skills, talents, and contributions.

Here are the details:

Who is invited? Please make no mistake here - YOU are invited.

When will this be held? The afternoon of Tuesday, 11/3, all day Wednesday, 11/4, and the morning of Thursday, 11/5. You will need to commit to attend the entire three sessions, as this is an essential element of the Open Space approach to the meeting.

Where will this be held? Hickory Ridge Conference Center

What are the specific objectives? We expect to generate ideas with high potential in at least the following four areas:

    * New work which would be appropriate for _______
    * Means for increasing revenues
    * Means for increasing customer satisfaction

Why should people attend, when they're short on time? First of all, what else could be more important than your future? No aspect of any of our jobs is more important than this. Second, we all have great ideas. Don't let yours go unshared!

If you are willing to challenge yourself by helping to invent our future, please RSVP to __________ by Friday, October 16.

Thanks for getting on board and helping us in "Charting Our Course for the Future". And remember, I WANT YOU!

Respectfully Yours, Joe

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