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Online Collaboration and Community

MichaelHerman? helps clients, colleagues, and community groups communicate and collaborate online -- before, during and after important meetings and events.

Michael launched GlobalChicago.NET in August 1998, as a practice and an experiment in using web-based technologies to connect community leaders and workgroups. It started as a calendar for local (Chicago-area) manifestations of global movements and learning. In 1999, it turned into a bulletin board forum that got big and hard to maintain. Along the way, we incubated some small and not-so-small websites for client and community organizations. By 2005, we'd migrated all but a few personal projects to other locations.

The spirit of GlobalChicago lives on, in the form of technical guidance and support for client organizations and community groups, especially in conjunction with meetings and conferences. We can recommend a number of good options for ongoing, online collaboration and will teach you how to use and manage them for yourself.

Active Websites/Movements

Older Websites/Movements (now dormant, closed or significantly redesigned)

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