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Living in the Greenest City in America

What would that be like? And what are the Issues and Opportunities for making it happen? How can we -- Ordinary People -- make an Extraordinary Difference -- for the Planet, for Chicago, and for Ourselves -- Right Now?

The Mayor isn't just spinning a line when he says he wants Chicago to be the Greenest City in the country. City Departments have undertaken major projects and new policies to make it so. But WE are the City, too. What WE do matters.

Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth makes a strong case for action to avoid the disastrous results of Global Warming. But do you walk away from that or other such reports wondering what YOU can do to make a difference?

Maybe you hear 'Global Warming' and wonder if it's real -- or if we should do ANYTHING about it. But we don't have to wait for Global Warming to HURT before we make the changes and reap the benefits of Green Living.

Locally grown organic food TASTES BETTER. Cool florescent bulbs and green rooftop gardens SAVE MONEY now. Rainbarrels used to catch storm water make beaches cleaner right now. In a car sharing program like I-GO, you'll never see another car repair bill. Community Gardens are fantastic YOUTH programs. These are all small changes that make a difference in the BIG, long-term picture -- but they also make us feel better RIGHT NOW. This day is about learning how to make these changes EASIER.

Join us on January 13, 20, and/or 27 -- to connect with friends and neighbors, to learn more about Green City Living, and to experience for yourself the benefits that begin right away. How else you gonna get a little Green in the middle of Winter?

These days are hosted by ordinary individuals -- who happen to be members of the Chicago Conservation Corps, the City of Chicago's training program for Green Community Leaders -- anyone who wants to live Better and Greener in the City is welcome.

Bring your questions, your ideas, and your passion for a Better, Greener Life and City. You already care! Come do something about it! We Can Help!

Michael Herman, Ted Ernst, other co-conveners... (who pledge to show up, bring friends, and add spirit to the conversation)


mailto:ADDRESS to register and receive a confirmation email immediately:

There will be a full day of breakout conversations and learning sessions that work best when people commit to the whole day. The day starts with an important opening orientation at 9AM. Please plan to arrive in time for the opening session and stay for a full day of energized learning and connecting. Other than this request, the program format is wide open -- no lectures, speeches or lessons -- just lots of good conversations, ideas, and energy. Bloggers will want to bring their laptops. Parents will want to bring young leaders.




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