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Grief Net has released its major study of grief: The "Hidden" Annual Costs of Grief in America's Workplace (The Grief Index) 2003 Report

See: http://www.grief-recovery.com/request_index.htm

The Grief Index pegs the hidden cost of grief in the workplace at more than $75 billion. The 33 page detailed report of the highlights reported in the Wall Street Journal, on November 20, 2002, is available in a printable PDF format. Compiled with more than 25,000 American and Canadian participants, the study is representative of all of North America, and sets the benchmark for succeeding years.

Some brief excerpts from the study:

Grief clearly not only affects an individual's inner emotional and spiritual well-being, but may cause increased stress, reduced ability to concentrate, an increased frequency of substance abuse, depression, and domestic abuse. Grief drastically affects the individual's ability to function at work and may negatively impact the company. It is in a business's own interests to offer or encourage some form of effective grief counseling to help individuals recover from the negative effects of grieving.

Businesses of all types and sizes; Social Service Organizations; Hospitals and Hospices; Clergy and Funeral Industry Personnel are among those who would most benefit from the findings in the report. Additionally, Municipal Services Personnel, including Police, Fire, and EMS also will benefit from the contents of this study.

The Grief Recovery Institute [ http://www.grief.net ] provides programs on grief recovery, community outreach programs, training of counselors and offers the The Grief Recovery Handbook - The Action Program for Moving Beyond Loss, available at http://www.grief.net/griOrderForm.html

Grief is an often suppressed process, hidden from the eyes of others, with many fearing to even approach the subject, not knowing how to respond to someone's ongoing grief. Grief Net offers much helpful information and many tools to help those experiencing grief.

From http://www.aldenchronicles.com/frontpage/frontpage_hospice_care18.html

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