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LouiseMitran? is a board certified music therapist, a friend and colleague. She offered to introduce me to one of the things she does, a process called GuidedImageryAndMusic in which she uses music to form a sort of bridge between internal images, sensations, feelings and the external comings and goings of life and work. She does this for hospital and hospice patients, but also with people dealing with stress, substance abuse, chronic pain, depression and other moments of personal transformation.

Her offer, and the time she spent with me, are a great gift. The session was deeply relaxing and surprisingly insight-full, even though I started out a bit skittish about what might happen and a bit skeptical that perhaps nothing would "happen." As it turns out, days later, I'm still reflecting on all of what happened. Louise tells me that the insights that emerge from this work may take months to sort themselves out. I believe her and look forward to this emerging and unfolding.

For those of you who know classical music, Louise played (from CDs) the music of Haydn, Puccini, Debussy, Bach, Dvorak and one other I can't read in her notes. She chose each of them as the process went along. I can't remember any of them individually and with eyes closed I had no idea that she was making these choices and changes. It was one entirely seemless experience for me. That is the art of what Louise does -- and she does it very well. She doesn't impose any images or sensations or words, just plays the music and provides that non-verbal bridge link to what is already one's own story. I'd recommend the experience whole-heartedly to anyone with any interest or curiosity at all. The whole experience continues to fascinate me. Contact LouiseMitran?.

Preliminaries accomplished, here are some of images, sensations and stories that showed up...


red sun
cracks open
spilling saffron light
warmly washing every cell.

the music starts
and long green leaves
a jungle thatch
springs forth
saffron sun dissolving
into cloudless blue crystal
as one black crow cuts through
i'm sinking out of sight
into thick green shadows and
the blackness of the dirt
melts into deep space black
on black with black
the absence of all light
yet shimmering

the music starts
and jungle springs again
same leaves, same shapes
but black black black
shimmering black thatch
springing into black sun
sky alive black and
sinking into every cell
as one white crow cuts through
i'm rising up
peering into that light
white body
green jungle crystal
sun and cloudless blue
sky resting down into
sinking darkness
slowly silently

the music starts
but green thicket parts
opening and exposing
golden meadow's vastness
boundless blue and bright my
own flight cuts through
dry wheat and
center starts to turn
into the dance
as shimmering
meets shimmering
both faceless and familiar
light bodies vague but similar
turning 'round and 'round
until the music

...himmering and shimmering
simply turning oneness simmering
pointing deeply
into heart
like the


january 2004

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