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Issue: How to find the mystics

Convenor: DougGermann?

Attended: Gary, Joan, Bill, Lester, Doug.

Who are they?

How to find them?

  1. Everywhere
  2. Everyone?
  3. Timing--the experience of God is not all day, everyday, need to catch them when they are ready
  4. Keep eyes open
  5. Where permitted
  6. Outside the rules/Transcend? the rules
  7. If looking on the WWW, use mysticS--to avoid Connecticut--plus add some other descriptive, such as Christian or Sufi or Merton
  8. IONS
  9. Cultural Creatives Website
  10. Transitions Bookplace
  11. Crossroads Center--Old St. Pat's Church
  12. Theosophical Book store--Wheaton
  13. Omega Center
  14. Esalen
  15. Gravitate to "open" people
  16. Mac people--and Linux
  17. Meditation in the Workplace--people self select
  18. Offer "inward" programs
  19. Journalers
  20. University of Chicago--classes on mystics

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