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Issue: How to write title and invitation

Convenor: Doug Germann http://www.FootprintsintheWind.com , mailto:Doug@FootprintsintheWind.com

People who added to the conversation: Susan, Penny, Doug.


not sure what you mean about the narrow part... we used to say broad and creative as the key criteria... the bit about using their language/jargon seems most important. also, the invitation need not break new ground and try to teach something not yet known... it's usually enough to point to some really important stuff that everybody knows about and nobody is doing much about and propose the gathering as a time to do something about whatever that might be... --MichaelHerman

The narrow part means to make the topic speak to the interests of a particular group of people. I do not understand the reasoning behind making the topic broad. If we say "senior healthcare," do we not attract more people than if we say "healthcare?" --DougGermann?

yes, but if we say 'the future of education in peoria' we get a different result than if we say 'which high school should we close.' not sure which attracts more people, but that's not really the issue. the broader the theme, the more space there is to work in, the more possibilities for new voices and new actions. still, sometimes what you want is to get the building built by june 30th, the project done within the existing budget and deadline, or come up with the cash flow to keep the business going.

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