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From the ongoing work on a mission statement, the current draft reads...

ImagineNepal seeks to create and promote a positive social movement by involving all societal forces in discovering their own strengths, envisioning positive futures, architecting pathways and getting their commitment towards building a peaceful, just and prosperous Nepal.

Here are the notes from a one-day conference and workshop on the future of ImagineNepal, building one year later from our first KathmanduNepalMeeting.

What Happened?

In October 2003, we held a second OpenSpaceTechnology conference and workshop day in Kathmandu. The first day was hosted and sponsored by Capital College here in KTM. It was part of the beginning of Imagine Nepal. This second event was convened by Imagine Nepal, Nepal 2020, Pragya Management Group.

This year we had 40+ people from all kinds of social services and development organizations gather at a downtown KTM conference center, a comfortable room opening onto a beautiful garden courtyard. This space was a wonderful oasis in what can be a dusty, noisy, crowded city. Several of the afternoon sessions were held out in the garden, in the sunshine.

We had some introductions, an opening and then posted more than 20 issues for discussion in four 45-minute timeslots, finishing with some explanation and discussion of ‘what is open space and how/where can we use it in the work of developing Nepal in positive directions.’

Here are the topics that were posted...

Along the way I had some side conversations with various people about solar cooking, ken wilber and quadrant models and mutual friends in ohio, frithjof bergmann’s new work programs, appreciative inquiry, institute of cultural affairs and some mutual friends in Taiwan, some gorgeous designs for a peace garden honoring the five elements, and also proposed in several conversations what a 2-day conference and 2-day practice workshop might look like. Overall, the gathering felt much more powerful to me… not more impactful, but more potent in the passion and energy and skills and experiences that people (more than double last year’s group) were bringing to this particular gathering moment. There is much to do here and this group has been working in many ways to get on with doing it. The sense I get from the energy of yesterday’s meeting is that it is working. Looking forward to another bigger round next year, perhaps the 4-day plan, and also to wrapping Capital College folks into the newest talks in US and Canada about OST research. The next question then becomes the discovery of some relatively small amount of financing for continuing these efforts.

From Dr. Ganapati Ojha, Chairman of Capital College and lead organizer of the workshop and movement...

Dear Michael,

The workshop was really great. Participants were from diversified backgrounds and every one of them enjoyed the workshop. This has definitely brought greater strength to Imagine Nepal.

We hope, the next steps would keep group members intact and there will be some visible changes when we meet next year...

As discuss, let us do something on research also.

I thank you and appreciate very much your cooperation in and contribution to all these endeavors...

And to the participants...

The workshop was really great and it was great because of your active participation. The agenda were very important and thoughtfully processed. The commitments that you have shown are the sources of power for Imagine Nepal. The next steps that you have developed will keep us in close contact in the days to come.

Imagine Nepal is a voluntary social movement dedicated to bringing positive societal transformation. It is the organization of all Nepalese that includes you and I together. Imagine Nepal intends to get views of all Nepalese (1) to create a common vision of Nepal, (2) how to attain the vision that they have co-constructed, and (3) to get commitment of every one what he/she can contribute to the pathways that they have collectively suggested.

We are thinking of using appreciative interviews and workshops and mega workshops to get people’s views and commitments. People from all wake of life including wage earners, farmers, rural service providers, professionals, politicians from both establishment and anti-establishment, bureaucrats, ministers, judges, lawyers, planners, and the king will give views of 2020 Nepal. In addition to interviews and workshops, there might be some other better ways. We invite you to share your ideas about how should we move ahead to transform this conflict-affected country to a peaceful, just and prosper Nepal.

The ideas shared by you in the workshop were, one way or the other, very much along the line of Imagine Nepal. These will be the part of Imagine Nepal program. We very much appreciate you for generating such wonderful agenda and participating actively to bring them to the logical ends.

I would like to request all conveners of the agenda to circulate the respective outcomes to all participants. We will synthesize them and put at website.

We look forward to working together for the positive future of Nepal.

Notes for Next Year

some next steps

some contacts

the case for funding...

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