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News from the 10th annual Open Space on Open Space: Mumbai participant Malay Biswas will host 12th annual int'l OSONOS conference in Goa, in 2004!

Just finished Mumbai workshop for 18 or so, who posted these topics on day one...

The Spirit of Open Space: Issues and Opportunities for TRANSFORMATION… of ourselves, our leaders and our organizations

...and these on day two, in a shortened one-round session of open space, after much discussion of preparation and followup in the morning and a general desire to continue this in the afternoon session...

The Practice of Open Space: Issues and Opportunities for INVITATION, facilitation, and beyond…

Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2002 09:50:19 +0530 Reply-To: Malay Biswas <malay.biswas@tajhotels.com> Sender: OSLIST <OSLIST@LISTSERV.BOISESTATE.EDU> From: Malay Biswas <malay.biswas@tajhotels.com> Subject: OS with Indian Taxi Driver (long) X-cc: Michael Herman <mherman@globalchicago.net> Content-Type: multipart/alternative;

Dear all,

It is great pleasure to share a part of my OS experience which i attended at Mumbai, India alognwith other 12 colleagues from different parts of India. A lot of things to say - but i will write a few lines (this big letter you call few lines !) of that big experience - i seek your patience. Hey, it is my first os expereince after being member for three or more years of OS list.

First of all it is great experience to be there, walking through the able guidance of Michael. Thanks Michael. His four quadrant model and further derivatives from that model is intriguing and requires further refinement at my end. I am working on it. He talked from his deep experience and we clarified our dilemma, issues, like if this happen, if that happen.

I want to share a particular experience. We put up our issues on very first day. In some cases, people got overwhelming response. On some issue a few. In some cases, no subscriber. The issue I raised in the market place, i got only one professor, Dr. D.P. Dash of Xaviers Institute of Management.

Dr. D.P. Dash raised his issue - Driving behaviour on Indian Road. As usual, hardly a few subscribers. But Dr Dash (lovingingly NOW we call him DP) persistently wanted to understand his OS world through his issues whenever he spoke during the OS programme. We laughingly (with love) support during the first day.

D.P. was not happy with the contribution from the OS participants - he wanted to speak more and more on this - we were not ready for the issue - i myself did not subscribe his issue - harldly any taker. But he is persistent - so next day, in the morning, when he was coming for OS workshop, he raised the issue with the taxi driver he was travelling. Oh ! what enthusiasctic participant - that Mumbai taxi driver talked and talked and talked with example (to the entire satisfaction of DP, it seems) directing his finger to other drivers how they are driving throughout the journey to workshop venue. What is required, what he needs to do etc.

My learning: When DP shared this experience with us in the morning we laughed again - DP feels so much about it and sincere about it - though we failed to align us with the issue - taxi driver participated enthusiastically as he is having deep interest/stake with the issue. I think this is the beauty of OS which attracts me more and more for OS. Stakeholders participation is 100% under OS umbrella. this is what i was looking for so long.

We had funny moments of learning too - but before i share that i need the permission of Michael. Above all a great learning workshop! a penultimate moment of a great journey for many of us. With warm regards and thanks for your patience. Malay Biswas India

some time later on, this also came in...

Dear michael,

It was good to receive communication from you after a long time. Hope your visit around the world got you what you were looking for.

I have opened space in all my workshops since October and it has really been well received. I have not been conducting open space in the classic version but have blended it with my style of working. It has been working wonders. I would be doing a series of workshops for the community of doctors, nurses etc in serviceorientation and hope to use this technology. OPEN space to OPEN hearts.

Please keep sharing your experiences. It gives us tremendous energy.

love sudha

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