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The following was distilled from InvitingLeadership/FourPracticesStory and then extended as InvitingLeadership/Retreat.

 inviting leadership

 relax.  right now.  
 (rest into heart)
 pause long enough.  to.  sink.  in. 
 passion and purpose open space.
 take the time to notice.  and breathe.
 settle.  straighten.  sort and sigh.
 yawn.  laugh.  love.  rest. 
 re...awaken wonder.

 invite others into that.
 (welcome everyone)
 ring the bells, bring the question.
 host the meeting, pour the tea.
 open the conversation.
 imagine, invoke and invite 
 the common good. 
 wish it out loud.

 let everything move.
 (support relationship)  
 through knowing and not, forests and trees,
 learning and contribution, mine and yours  to us.
 inviting is action, and support without effort.
 leadership yields without loss, or collapse.
 doing nothing touches everything, gently
 ease into flow.

 make inviting ordinary.
 (refine into practice)
 execute the obvious; embrace all the rest.
 ground visions.  craft agreements.  take next steps.
 grow more of what works.  harvest gratitude and joy. 
 as the fruits of practice ripen, share the juice.
 today's news seeds tomorrow's invitations,
 inviting more leaders (to open heart...)


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