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this is an early draft of perhaps a crazy idea. would you show up at such a gathering? (for a few days, near Chicago, at some minimal price, like a $20-200 sliding scale, to cover basic expenses?) would you bring friends and add spirit to the conversations? if there's interest, we'll set dates and add your name to the list of co-conveners below. we can make changes, additions, and/or improvements as we go. this is personal and professional learning, beyond trainings and workshops. let me know what you think... mailto:michael@michaelherman.com

Inviting Leadership Practice: Issues and Opportunities

The Inviting Leadership Practice Retreat welcomes experienced and aspiring leaders for personal and professional learning, collaboration, and contribution to make all of our work in organizations and communities better, faster, and easier.

Inviting Leadership and this Practice Retreat are about inviting more leadership, in practice, where we live and work. InvitingLeadership/InvitingLeadership offers a slightly longer explanation, a practical definition, of sorts. The author of those pieces, MichaelHerman? will organize, facilitate, and participate in the Retreat, so the stories and experiences distilled in those verses will inform, but certainly not direct, what happens.

We will gather to rest and revise, to stretch and to strengthen, personal and professional practice. The form and flow of our gathering will be shaped directly by you, and everyone else who shows up. Any issue or opportunity you care to raise will be on the agenda. We will gather informally on the evening of ____, open more formally at (morning) on (the next day), and work together through the afternoon of (second or third full day). We will take notes and trade cards, so the conversations can continue, as needed.

This is about getting important things done in a complex world, working with all kinds of different people, mounting pressures, and potential conflicts. Bring some issues and opportunities, from your own current experience, that you care about in practice. What are the things, who are the people, when is the time, for you to get moving?

Sound interesting? Care to join us? Give a call or send an email. This is learning beyond trainings and workshops. Let's see what happens.


 MichaelHerman?, Chicago IL

 Joelle Lyons Everett, Shelton WA
 Pete terHorst, Asheville, NC

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