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Inviting Leadership Practice in Organization

My understanding of Inviting Leadership has been evolving and unfolding for at least 10 years now, but itís only in the last year or so that Iíve come to call it that in my teaching.

Here are my cryptic notes about teaching it now, after Jill turned my old teaching model upside down. She did that just before we went to India and Nepal for a month, so this newest approach was cooked while travelling and retreating in those places.

Maybe you can appreciate the order and flow of the pattern, even in these brief notes. Maybe you can see how the parts inform and support and each other:

Day One - Inviting Practice: Embodying Well-Being

 -pulsation: simple morning somatics practice, renewing and refining
 -density: intro to levels and layers of energy and awareness
 -mutuality: intro to holding two states/positions at once
 -resting and integrating: how the learning sinks in
 -text: somatics exercises (selected)

Day Two - Inviting Leadership: Opening Invitations, Hosting Action

 -living in the middle of order and chaos (survey of personal and spiritual practice)
 -holding space for multiple states (learning/contributing, passion/responsibility, facilitator/group, etc.)
 -working in open space (planning, facilitating, harvesting, sustaining)
 -mechanisms for supporting all kinds of meeting and modalities (hybrids and others)
 -text: inviting guide (18 pages)

Day Three - Inviting Organization: Evolution at Work

 -evolution at work (opening everything)
 -opportunities for evolution (new dimensions, levels)
 -implications of evolution (new structures, sensations)
 -leadership in evolution (body, ground, results)
 -text: inviting organization paper (15 pages)

And if this is all too cryptic, suffice it to say that in these three days we move from moving bodies (observable), to moving meetings (meaningful), to moving whole organizations (powerful). What we do as bodies on day one, is extended into meeting groups on day two, and leveraged into ripples throughout whole systems on day three. If youíre curious what it all means, give me a call ó or host a three-day!

UPDATE: July 2008 training notes...

The Advanced Course

so what does the training look like? starts with walking around, doing something to exercise heart. gathering for a meal. posting news and invitations. opening marketplace. breakouts far enough apart to work heart en route to sessions... or start with hiking, come back to hearth and make soup, then eat. post topics. explore the new forest, new ground, posted on teh wall. post all news reports, as ever. yum.

or just have all participants bring some of their favorite food to share. Start at lunchtime. Then go on with training from there.

makes me think we should almost always have/use more physical space than we do. clients have a bias for minimum space required in same way they do for minimum time allotted for os. interesting.

Not Better

chagdud tulku: it isn't so much that big mind is *better* than small mind. it's the going back and forth that strengthens you. and julie... "so it isn't so much that being aware *as* a body is better than being aware of your body, although it has major advantages. it's the going back and forth that strengthens you." Throema yerrinbool 2005 getting ready recording, 8 minutes in.

And so it is with open spaceÖ not better than regular organization and methods. Itís the going back and forth that strengthens you. These practices suggest how that pulsation can be refined from the annual meeting to everyday working and living.

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