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Inviting Leadership

Putting an Open Space Worldview to Work for Good

Emergent Chapter Outline (exercise/essence, questions, structure/story, bottom-line... in each one)

Working Notes Pages


MH...to offer my/our most frequently told stories in a way that makes the map, open space, and the practices we've articulated accessible to people in all kinds of organizations and levels and situations, inviting them into some basic beliefs that anything is possible, people are purposeful and can be ideal seeking, distinguishing structures that support vs. control movement and connecting, and that anyone can practice these things and make more good in organizations, communities, families, and day-to-day interactions. payoff for me is having all of my favorite OS and leadership stories in one place, easy to offer.

CC...to relate, through stories and notes, practices that help to uncover the underlyiong pattern of invitation as leadership and to describe, point at and suggest practices that support this pattern. The idea is to make these practices as accessible as possible and to support the deeper exploration of inviting leadership in Open Space, organizations and communities.

*/ContentsList - new outline based on blogging mind

What if we open with the first stanza and finish with the second? you probably know this, but i was boggled for a moment when i found out, that each of the four quartets is written in 5 stanzas? whoa. and each about a different place, but that you must already know. written at different times and pushed together at the end, too, the four of them. familiar.

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