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About the Author(s)

Michael Herman - from inviting guide

Since 1991, I have worked as Michael Herman Associates, to support faster and easier movement (of people and information) in organization. My work helps effective leaders invite movement, on the most important issues and opportunities, in all kinds of corporate and community organizations.

I have some reputation internationally, as a leader in the practice of Open Space Technology and its adaptations, having led OST training and practice workshops and helped create local OST practice groups, in Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Nepal, Ireland, Australia, Canada, Alaska and elsewhere in the US.

I serve as the founding webmaster for the Worldwide Open Space community website at www.openspaceworld.org, as a Director of the Open Space Institute USA, as the author/editor of numerous articles and volumes on how to practice Open Space Technology, and as an active, innovative contributor to the international development of that practice.

My formal training is in Economics, Finance and Healthcare Administration, at Indiana University and the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. In line with this, I have come to understand invitations as offerings and Opening Space as the making efficient markets for movement, in organizations and communities.

I'd be glad to talk with you about your work and help you invite whatever movement seems most important now.

from practice retreat

Michael Herman

Michael Herman is an internationally recognized Open Space Technology facilitator whose book The Inviting Organization and other online publications are an important contribution to the worldwide practice of Open Space Technology. He has worked for more than eight years with Harrison Owen, the creator of Open Space Technology and was the co-host of the eighth annual Open Space on Open Space international gathering of Open Space Technology facilitators in Chicago in 1999. Michael's practice has included work with some of the largest corporations in the United States as well as community and youth groups around the world. A former director for the Open Space Institute USA, he is the founding webmaster for the online centre of Open Space Technology at http://www.openspaceworld.org/. His own personal/professional website is at http://www.michaelherman.com.

Chris Corrigan

Chris Corrigan is an highly experienced practitioner and teacher of Open Space Technology. He has conducted over 100 events in a wide range situations including the corporate sector, First Nations communities, non-profits, universities and government in Canada, the USA and New Zealand. He co-hosted the International Conference for Open Space Practitioners in Vancouver in 2001 and is a member of the Open Space Institute (US) and the Open Space Institute of Canada. Along with Michael Herman he co-edited Open Space Technology: A User's NON-Guide in 2002. Along with Harrison Owen and others he has contributed to the Open Space Technology chapter in the forthcoming second edition of [The Change Handbook]. In addition to his extensive practical experience facilitating Open Space events, he is known for his ability to inspire deep learning and passionate conversation. You can find out more about Chris at [his website.]

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