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Got better... worked out map...

 see some of the story above that maps open space to the rest... how evolution happens in open space... and [groan] probably rewrite it more specifically for what happens in the preparation stage and the opening of an event... 

How to practice: what's working, inviting questions, appreciating vastness, positive core, letting other voices in, wondering about and framing the conversation as a theme or question, rather than an answer. What's working, why it's working, and what needs to work next... conversations about things that matter. Getting clear again about why we do what we do, why we care, what really matters, and invite friends and colleagues to make more of that. (this how to practice section should end up being the inviting guide, in four parts?)

 Inviting Guide Questions - first few about purpose
 Opening Inviting Language - fodder for invitation writing
 What are we inviting people to do - list from inviting guide

 ...pull from inviting conclusions and AS organization down from above

 ...vastness, kindness, availability of the (energy, caring, passion, power) of the whole, just ask for it... invite options and choices.

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