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this is a beginning... want to keep dissolving the biggest chunks into individual issues/opps or blogpost sizes. i think if we make this list detailed enough, we can see the flow of the thing, focusing on how each bit starts and finishes, and still be able to pop into each one to edit individually. i'll focus for now on taking old Draft outline and dropping stuff from that and your new stuff and other bits into this detailed listing. is this a page you can work from?


this outline as a list is definitely the way to go. was talking about it with somebody tonight. here's how it works. we make the list. we do our best to write all the bits, shorties, bloggable bits. then we blog them in order and ask folks to read and comment. as fast as we can fix things in each posting, we post another one. and it goes on like that. we test the line that we choose through all the stories, flesh it out a bit more with comments that come, and maybe rearrange things in response to those comments and conversations that spring up. then we have a finished thing that has lots of hands on it and lots of hits to show the publisher. and the readers are the distribution network. and somewhere in there, the book turns into the blogging practice that keeps going. nice, eh? so i'll try to get time tuesday to download the pages and see if i can work out the /contentslist page while i'm flying.

diffs compare not working. can't figure why. makes it harder to see changes. i'll try to find cliff to fix this when i get home.

Inviting Leadership: Putting an Open Space Worldview to Work for Good

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