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on homeopathic leadership, or just the homeopathic approach we likely take in this book. this does well to articulate what we hope to do, i think...

I thought a bit more about your intention of unfolding/unwobbling a book aimed at capturing the essence/ambiance of the process/magic/esoterics of open space...it's sort of like capturing in words and images the experience of kissing a life partner or locking eyes with a newborn child or experiencing communion with nature. You can only go so far with the limitations of words themselves and look more upon the combination of the words and imagery you've infused your energy into as a template for invocation in the individual reader: an invitation to uniquely explore this phenomenon that is being formed and evolved in the collective field. In this way, your book might be compared to a homeopathic remedy. The physical content of the book at face value (i.e. the words themselves), don't offer much of anything, yet somehow, coded into every page would be an invitation to the reader to find their uniqueness and passion in relation to your uniqueness and passion as an access point into the collective field of creation as we humans evolve the definition of what it is to be human in relation to creation. Similarly, a homeopathic tablet contains no measurable active ingredients, yet alive within the "inactive" ingredients dances an echo, a template, a coding to remind the body/mind/heart/soul/spirit that within its being lies all of the keys, all of the antidotes and all of the wisdom needed for the soul's agenda. The 'echo' in the homeopathic preparation serves to jiggle this remembering. I sense that you are trying to work with the same kind of jiggling with your book. Thank you for doing this!

roq gareau

Yes..this si just about right and it fits with my purpose for the project strngly. What a good little thing to think about ending with...an afterword or something.

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