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primary belief: that people always have a choice... osonos coaching, in deep, 9/11 response, peacemakers in alaska, peoria schools, bolt and others, world tour touches nepal and blooms later after bombings...

...practice section on how to do inviting? framing questions, language, etc from inviting guide?

...payoff... nepal... always possible.

...In deep... osonos... avner/tova... alaska?

appreciation as seeing and being seen, whereas first version was appreciation as caring, sensing, touching? next (third) is about appreciation as leverage, and then last is appreciation as pay off, thanks, gratitude.

...9/11 turns into call to peoria, training, partnership, alaska design, world tour, then comes home to bowen and chicago

...who and how to invite...

the payoff: alignment with how the world works, anyway... people choosing for themselves, even as they are sharing the same story, following a common dream. issuing invitation is always possible... Nepal story into open space when bombs go off... and even the king and the army can't invitation, options and the reality of people's choice forever.

Section Two: Starts with the In Deep story, again, chris and i together, in long house adn body sensation. maybe this section is told by chris? but not sure how that comes to include 9/11 spark to the practice workshop, which is a sort of global corollary to the grandma story... what's working in hospital and what's working in world, emphasized, fed, followed... pulsation between body and landscape. alaska story including time in the forest, swallowed by the forest and mountains, deeply as if sexually, wholly... i arrive at that place because of connection with chris... forest surrounding me...

9-11 spark and need to connect...osonos to first shot at bowen island weblog so avner could read about bowen and then tova says "thank you for seeing us" and then 9-11 hits and then aine's story about feeding monstors. all about connection

Chris story about deepening relationship with michael watching him help finn learn to walk ...osonos...looking for a project, user's non-guide, non-convergence (deepening decision making) and then julie in alaska (deepening foundations into the land, into commnity) (and finn saying "hep!")...and then we're into practice. 2002 was quite a year!

Internet stories...email, websites, moving to wiki together, OS weblog and then parking lot and the results of interactions in the blogoshpere. Then it's into tagging and the structure smears across many times and places and spaces and becomes unconferencing, and using OS with wiki conferences and wiki with OS conferences, and then tagging and soon we notice that the pratices and tools smear into just life.


there is a series of conversations here, that turn out to influence something bigger... my conversation with chris about osonos... conversation with julie about dying... maybe convesation with phil about invitation (or maybe this is next section)... my conversation with dave about peoria... my conversation with patrick about singapore workshop...

What does it mean to pay attention, make choices, get deep into something that is bigger than ourselves, and to invite others to come with, as essential and thankful company? not knowing where this leads... dave drehmer coming back to say 7 years later that our training conversation changed his life. making choices in the midst of uncertainty, inviting attention and choices with only partial information, as 'we' 'i' can only ever know part of the story... that's the challenge, to keep inviting anyway...

frame our work in terms of pulsations? choices? optons for workign together?

how to practice: paying attention to options, choices, contributions of self and others... letting go of knowing everything... leads into practice stories of those open space that we've lost control of... it doesn't always happen, but that is how spirit is... we can't make it happen, but we can practice and sometimes it shows up... takes control, picks us up and moves us to a whole other level of working... who to invite? ...everyone! in os, this means open invitation, and everyone creates the agenda, everyone has responsibility for learning and contributing, not equal in resources, position, skills, etc, but same job: max learn and contrib.

non convergence story here? Story of buying the coffee machine. OS stories about working with Aboriginal youth...BOLT origins here, from UMAYC training to unorganized network training to BOLT formation meeting, BOLT conference in the long house at Fort Rupert and then through to the Art of Hosting where fears got put to the forest...and onward, with youth suicide and finally noticing with Kris that this isn't about OST anymore.

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