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Making Good

...practice: documenting or otherwise making it real... john engle's model, judi's classroom model?, focus on responsibility...

...slb and "action"

...grandma story? ...not always a group...

...united airlines... not always a full-on open space

...other methods?

section four: making good... not making one way here... many ways. other methods... culminating in blogging and tagging...

is opening story the story of supporting the SLB conversation? results often means documenting. and this is one of our ongoing conversations, about evaluating open space. making action and results.

nepal story in context of ben nevis story, walking away from the scene of the accident/victim feeling like i'd done something good and not having any clue at all what it was... until later... like nepal?

how to practice: tell the story, document it, share it... these are small steps and in a big landscape. drop breadcrumbs, leave footprints, for others to follow. look back sometimes to see where we are getting, how we are changing... and we are changing.

the payoff: being able to see change for the good, to see good emerging, developing and growing, and be able for us to appreciate it and for it to keep appreciating in us. gives us peace of mind in the moment, a way of seeing that we are making some progress... and peace in the world, eventually, as more an more of us come together, and make ripples of good in the world.

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