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--- I see your point about the poetry. What is resonating with me about your notes here is the following:

--- what kind of blogger are you, putting most recent at the bottom? grin.

find a copy of naked conversation by scoble and israel. their book looks like a blog. even footnotes where the links should be. surprised they didn't underline the footnoted words.

i've some not-yet-specific discomfort with the new structure. i don't think the inviting org story can stand as is. it needs respinning. not sure how deeply. freshness, though, or maybe that's just me. bigger question for me is what those sections look like. the 'practices and stories' sounds one step away from some of the rigid designs i'd toyed with. and i think i miss the flow that i'd developed, the notion that stories don't have to illustrate or highlight practices directly. i think the structure as previously developed was more showing and less telling. i really got to liking that the construction of each section would be distinct from the others. app would be this open survey. inviting would be about invitations. support would be checklists and such. making would be about peace. it felt poetic that way.

this new structure would be easier to write. easier to blog. and i like both of those a lot. maybe easier to read and sell, too. i wonder if it would be true to open space. i like the flow of the old way, the poetry of it. maybe the deep challenge of it. i wonder if the flow of it is more like open space, or would so many postings be more like open space. the old flow feels more like how things actually happened, so it feels truer to me. each quad seems more like what it is.

now, as for the blogging idea, i think the existing inv org pages could easily be cut up that way, into posts. mostly it already is that way. it could be that inv org got told in an evolving or emerging section, before appreciating... but i think it can stay in. i guess i have to see more of your outline within those four practice sections to know for sure if it works. so far, it feels to much like those sections would be too similar. as the outline stands now, we seem to blow too much of best stories outside of the realm of practice.

''consider another option, too... one that i might have mentioned somewhere in the notes. consider that the appreciating section has only my most appreciative early sections, my personal story part. then you tell your story of what i wrote. then in the inv section, we actually do the mapping. if the main mapping needs doing in the app section, the donut story could be your rendering of it in inv section, followed by other real stories. then the os parts of the inv org fit into the support section, as app fractal of that quad, followed by inviting guide supports. or maybe we should be thinking of five levels in each quad, and blog posts inside of those. then some of that 'inviting conclusions' stuff leads out the making section, i.e. 'go do it.' this approach recognizes that the story i wrote originally is whole and complete... and only the first level. in each place, there is a next level that's yours... (1) appreciating my story, (2)donut story, (3)diagnosis and practices discoveries, and (4) maybe giving conference which came from your lead. then we can follow with any other individual stories back and forth, but also or next we follow with joint stories. joint stories are what? in deep into non-guide, alaska into training series, open space into other practices we've found, giving conf into book/blog/tag? these are no doubt messed up, but see if the gist of this outline doesn't make some sense? see if you can pencil an outline that looks like this? the old outline is almost like this, or was heading in this direction, anyway. might it yet get here?

Yes, I think it might i think i'm drifting in the direction of agreeing with you that inv org story comes first... but comes first in each quadrant. i just don't think we can take a lot of stuff outside of quads. the whole point is that these for dimensions have been able to hold everything we've discovered in life and work. hmmm...

April 29th

more on voice at /ThoughtsOnVoiceAndVisibility ...what does it look like if a book has two authors and one first-person voice actually telling the story... does that model what we call "fully present and totally invisible"???

April 28th

Much work on pushing around big chunks and pasting them into /WorkingDraft. It's getting to be a really long page, and not so easy to work with, but seemed important to be able to scroll through things and get some feeling for how the thing will flow together. Once we get a lock on that sense of things, will be easy to cut it into a few shorter pieces.

I'm especially pleased with the title I've added, springing from your os worldview phrase.

April 27th

latest thoughts on how this thing seems to want to come together... this starts to feel like a workable outline for me, each section with a clear opening and closing story, with links between them, a kind of flow and focus, breadth and depth, a way to cover the whole of the territory we've spread out for ourselves... note that section notes have been moved into /WorkingDraft.

VOICE... this is the toughest part of this for me... trying to mix your voice into the original story, which offered the first and third sections, map and practice notes, the beginnings of other methods. the inviting org book stuff offered some of these key stories, racine, grandma, uwe weissflog's corporate story. so i have much of this shape already written in my own mind and voice. i want you included, but it doesn't seem to really fit in until this last section... i could do all these other things, but it's in the partnership with you that we really make the most good. and even then, i can tell that story pretty well in my own words, making references and giving credit to you along the way... starts to feel a bit like the giving conf, too, where i did so much of the wordsmithing in the invitation with phil and in the circle for everyone, but clearly this arose out of our partners... so thinking that you might show up in this mostly as the holder of the book space, rather than the scribbler of the text... maybe until someplace in section four... maybe we get harrison to write the foreword and you write the afterword? lineage? though i'm not sure at all that we'd have that in the right order, maybe just the write order. no matter.

May 5

I think one way to handle the voice issue is to begin each chapter with a story each, elucidate some of the way in which that particular practice shows up and end up with the WE story, where we see these practices come alive.

It's a book about practice and it comes through the stories of work in practice.

The trick here is that the substantial reason I came to being in partnership with you was the Inviting Organization map and story. That story ios in your own words, and I've tried to find ways to bring myself into that story through appreciation and response to invitation.

So what if the chapters looked like this:

The voice issue becomes mostly a "we notice" thing, and it is rooted in a "we: story, but illustrated with personal stories told in the first person.

also...I've been posting things in my content section for two reasons. To bring attention to ideas that need further elucidation and because instead of putting them into the main section, these are still just blog posts. If there is merit moving them over, let me know. If there is something in any of these kernals that you think we should expand also let me know. These are providing a frame for me though and some mapping of the practices I want to talk about.

May 6

Much offline thinking and scheming last night and I've come to the conclusion that the Invting Org story needs to be a chapter of its own, and it need to proceed the a.i.s.m structure.

My reasons for that include some of the following:

So I see the new structure as this:

May 7

Yet another thought about structure, spurred by your piece about blogging the book from Mesh Forum today...

What if we actually wrote the practices sections as four sections within which there were stories and pearls of wisdom that stand alone, almost like blog posts. Each little story would have a moral relating to practice, similar to the tone of the little stories we have now. Each section on practice could also contain one small essay on extending the pratices into organizations/communities etc. Feels more like the practice workshop this way and provides even more room to write with voices intact and yet grounded very strongly in the practices themselves. Makes it easy to bring small pieces of content over and then expand them. Each nugget can be 750-1000 words but they all hang together on the overall structure. Makes the transitions easier too.

And then to continue the book in the blog world wouldn't be so hard either.

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