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...what's our conversation about here? appreciation becomes leveraging, extending, feeding,

...racine, vuda/bolt?, giving conference... events where we lost control? or where ongoing practice support mattered... to keep it off the shelf, keep the kids going, online blogging and working tools...

...logistics and followup supports, canadian tables? food plans? after care? non-convergence? u of kentucky rules... structures that support... not answering questions...

...payoff... connections, movement

how to practice: create structures that support movement and connection... in os that means mktplace, bboard, circle, pulsation... it means buffet food, non-convergence, what do you wnat to do and why don't you take care of it... it means united airlines meeting practicing just a little bit... maybe some other logistical


the payoff: movement, flow, space, structure that supports without limiting and controlling.

Section Three: in practice: supporting movement and connection... Might start with racine, with brian and i in the parking lot, same as chris and i in the forest. Might then follow with one of chris' stories that could open in the same way. Personally. Could follow with giving conference story, because we did that one together.

then into what we're learning in about practices that turn up inside of opening space.

then have a look around the forest at the other methods that seem aligned...

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