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Play for more than you can afford to lose, and you will learn the game. --Winston Churchill

''three... in (into) practice... SUPPORTING... mapping conditions, preparation steps, parts of the event/meeting opening, and showing how open space in event, in planning, and in the context, is in line with map... this gives space to include u of ky rules, nonconverge, various space/time options, invitation questions... essentially, it's all the inviting guide stuff. diagnostics and practices emerge. and then shorter survey of other methods expands the os frame, and then nepal is a good finishing story here, because it is training, invitation and response to invitation, is blogging, is bombing, is no resources, hybrid practice, long-term practice... maybe grandma story fits here as finisher, to bring the practice back to the very personal end of the spectrum, really stretching practice into this moment. maybe nepal is the opener here and grandma is the closer. ai is first other method in the survey and zapchen/mutuality is the last. this feels good. maybe the closing here is "it's all good."

[hand exercises inset box: hand closed grabbing, hand open offering] ...seems to tie into the churchill quote and perhaps the Feed the Monsters quote.

[consider another inset box for the major somatic exercise from each of the four sections of the retreat: pulsation, mutuality, rocking, grounding? dunno]

[consider another inset box for mental exercises: finding artifact/meaning, ____, systems game, _____]

big question for me here about somatic organization stuff... does it fit in here and set up the embodying/peace chapter, or is it that chapter? ...maybe it opens that chapter as a thing we did together... so there is a flow from walking in the forest, figuring out words, hosting practitioner conferences, to developing whole events and harvesting the learnings from them?

Holding practices

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