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if we can kill the evolving pre-section and carve the mapping, donut, os mapping, and go-for-it, sections of inv org into the beginnings or near beginnings of the four sections, following those bits with sections of your work... then i think we can solve the voice issue by having you tell my hho/kw story and discovering the map. i can tell your story of discovering and using it. later in each section, we can tell our own stories, or together stories, each having used our own voice to tell the other's story, we can tell our own like vuda or racine, or we can praise the contributions of the other, like i can tell the diagnosis/practices stuff you added. i think this is a really simple way to share things and also to strengthen the whole story. keeps this from sounding like me making noise about me. jaworski could have benefited from somebody else telling parts of his story. kind of bogus to talk of one's own moments of waking up to somethign. and since it's all then told in third person, by us and about us, but still third person, same as we also tell about others, then the voice is same throughout, and we are same as other characters who appear. works, no?

note too, that much of the inv org story can be scrubbed of my own experience... it's mostly just in the setup experiences that my own story matters adn informs.

i'm glad to make these and other changes, but i'm gonna need some time to implement adn catch a version of the document up to this vision, testing as i go, to know for sure if it's really gonna work. i'm gonna need to be away from it for a couple of days, finishing up here at mesh.

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