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What if we could take all of the energy of the millions of people appreciating, inviting, supporting and making good in the world? What if we could connect just one small plot of that landscape, of those people currently using the internet for good? What if we could connect bloggers, photographers and taggers?

What if we could start tagging, with one name, InvitingLeadershipWritingProject, all of those things that we appreciate, things that inspire and invite us to be more active in becoming leaders for good in the world. All of those invitations that we send or receive or discover, with which others are already inviting people to get together to pay attention, create options, and choose serve themselves and others. And all of those practices and methods and approaches, tools and techniques, for supporting movement and connecting and conversing.

What if we could make good on this potential, tagging all of these appreciations, invitations, and practices and applications with one word, InvitingLeadershipWritingProject? In blogging, in flickr, in delicious and other places. This is what we want to find out, this is what we want to invite, and this is what we want to practice.

There is no website for this book. We will continue to blog in our own blogs, posting the things that inspire, invite and teach us. We invite you to do the same. Make your mark, to the good. Link yourself to us by tagging your posts, your pictures, and your bookmarks with InvitingLeadershipWritingProject. That whole forests exist for one purpose -- to produce pinecones -- the seeds of the future. Over time, our tags add up, and make good on a global body of practice.

Please join us... as we make good on our history, our future, our practice and our promises. We are InvitingLeadershipWritingProject, inviting your leadership, in your life, your work and our world. And every tag is a seed with your name on it. Thank you!

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