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heading to a big public networking sort of meeting.

so what to tell the people i meet? what do i do?

after some mulling, i think: i should tell them that i bring people together. that's an old view i have of what i/we do. but surely i can do better... well, we're writing a book... maybe i should tell people that. or maybe i just tell them that i specialize or am interested in "inviting leadership". wow. what a concept. tell them the truth.

so the obvious next question, because they likely won't hear it as simply a verb and object, "inviting", inviting what? "leadership". they'll more likely hear it, rightfully enough as a "new thing", a buzz word. so what to tell them? how to explain? and invite? ...maybe the four practices, languaged in spiral-age-appropriate language.

so then what ARE those four practices? what do i actually do or practice?

summary... notice caring, find direction, structure and support for movement in that direction... and then we of course both have sailing language for thinking about "distance made good".

NOW... one other thing that seems to want to shift... the mapping of the ost mechanisms to these practices... oh dear... logistics and documentation still work as support and making good. but understanding direction really sounds like the invitation more than the invitation list. so that leaves invitation list to be the opening heart mechanism. the heart, the pulse, the passion and purpose of the org is in the people... held by the people... and we start with people and then go ask about their purpose... to understand OUR direction... to support THEIR commitment to making good. the key distinction that must be made is between PURPOSE as personal (and up to the people who must be invited) on the one hand, and DIRECTION as collective, the invitation, on the other.

sorry to be still nit-picking about this language... but i really can't write anything until this sort of thinking is done... the writing itself has to have a really straight chute to slide in... or it just skids and gets stuck.

invitation list, invitation (got to know your audience BEFORE you write, this too makes sense), logistics, RESULTS (vs. documentation)... this is starting to straighten itself out, no?


this also makes the mechanisms map more clearly: circle (inv list, heart, place of analysis, appreciation, embrace), bulletin board (invitation, direction, means of understanding, vision, story, articulation, listening, speaking out), marketplace (logistics space/time, support for movement, law of two feet), and breathing (documentation or better -- action or result, good yes breathing is good--required no less, and investment, offering, ripples... all wave functions, give and take. reaching maybe, but workable, i think.)

notice that by focusing on RESULTS over documentation, this planning gets circular, and more generally practical... focus on current results, who needs to be there to deal with THAT/THOSE, invite understanding direction, support commiting to move in that direction, make good/better results. better results: breathe easier. aaaahhhhh.....

last bit...

we can see how the course of an event follows these things...

seen in this way, this telling sets up the challenge... it's easy to have a great meeting with open space... it tracks these perennial dimensions and seasons of everything... the challenge is to take current results and leap to the next level. specifically... from Q4.3 ROI to Q1.4 Appreciation.

highest forms of opening heart, understanding direction, supporting movement, making good... embrace/love, ideal/dream, flow/fellowship (supporting others even though they are moving at a distance), responsibility/ripples?

the four main chapters are about each of these journeys of practice... opening, understanding, supporting and making... and then there is a last chapter about how it turns into a cycle... how the good we make at each level feeds into and leaps up to the next level.

there are leaps between levels... the possibilities of...

and then there are the leaps between the seasons... daring to cut through the impossibility of...


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